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Newton Laboratory

Welcome to Newton Microbial Laboratory, Servicing Professional Mold Inspectors and Remediation Companies throughout USA for Analytic Needs.
Newton Microbial Laboratory is committed to delivering the most accurate spore count analysis to Mold Inspection Professionals and Remediation Professionals across the country. We offer the most competitive pricing in the industry while delivering Standard 24 hour Turn Around Time for all sample analyses; all for no additional charge to our clients. Furthermore, we also offer a low flat shipping rate to our clients no matter where you are in the United States. 
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Janna Komorowski

Laboratory Director, Customer Relationship, B.A. in Biological Sciences from Clemson University

Crystal Hernandez

Crystal Hernandez, Operations Director, B.A. in Biology from Columbia College

Michael Martin

Accounting Manager, Billings

Bong Jeoung

Founder, Business Development

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